Friday, February 8, 2013

From the city to a van to the country.

One thing about hibernating and being on my own for a long time is I have oodles of time to think about things, something I spend a lot of time doing anyway. First, I wonder if I should keep writing this blog when I'm not actually traveling or living in my van. I feel like I'm still on the journey though so I figure I'll touch base when I have something I want to share. After all, I am still in the midst of working through the realities of my life long dream to travel and make art.

I've been thinking about adaptability. This past year of my life has been a lot about adapting to situations and being happy to do so. I have gone from being a 40 hour a week, bachelor apartment dweller in the city, to living and traveling in a van with a dog, to hibernating on the wintry shore of Nova Scotia in a quiet little village. I have stayed with strangers, close friends and family and have felt at ease in all places. Now, in this wonderful little house, I am feeling right at home.

This part of the journey feels like a test run for how I envisioned my future. I have dreamed about living away from the city, but close enough to commute, and working solely on my own art. For the past week that's exactly what I've been doing. My routine has been get up, make coffee, work for a couple hours, take Okie for a walk (if it's not bloody freezing out), work some more, make a big pot of something, work till bed then read. I treat my own work like a regular job. I put in at least an 8 hour day and most often times much more than that. I have chores which are new to me here. There is a lovely wood stove so I have to bring in fire wood and kindling from the basement as well as pile wet wood from the outside into the basement to dry. The wind here can be quite brutal so I've learned quickly when I get a calm day I get outside. It's my first time doing this kind of thing and it makes me feel good to get off my lazy but and do something physical.
House I'm renting

Nanny's watching.

A beautiful walk/break.

When I dreamed about living like this I questioned whether I would be disciplined enough to put in the hours like a regular job. Apparently I have the opposite problem where I don't get away from my computer enough. Okie has taken to sitting at my feet and lightly growling for me to take her for a walk or play. Life is boring here for a little dog who's used to being on the move. (not that she's not spoiled with toys, it looks like a daycare in here).
Having a deadline for my work helps motivate me a lot. I am a perfectionist so knowing I have a timeline forces me to complete things. I've picked a corner of the house to set up a work space where there's lots of light and a big table. I'm the luckiest person alive to be able to do what I've been doing and if I can make the rest of my life resemble the last six months I've achieved my dream.
Studio nook.


  1. I don't know why my post was anonymous but apparently we were thinking and writing the same thing at the same time. Does that mean you owe me a Coke? (don't understand? Google "jinx you owe me a coke") Nice digs BTW.


    1. Great minds think alike as they say. Hope to run into you soon Jeff.

  2. I have been following your adventures for a few months, and have read all your posts since you started. Your thoughts and views during your travels have caused me to take pause and consider my own views.
    You have a wonderful writing style and an eye for capturing in pictures things in our world which are ignored or over looked by most.
    I for one hope you continue to blog . What ever your decision on blogging I wish you all best.

    1. Thanks for taking to time to comment Rick.

      I initially started the blog before the Barter Van idea so friends and family wouldn't worry about me being on the road by myself. Knowing people were with me, in a sense, meant a great deal. The greatest compliment I can relieve is that I've inspired or challenged someones views, since I have had so many do the same for me these past couple of months. May we never stop learning or questioning things.