Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Forget!

My Route 66 Motel piece up in the window at Atlantic News for viewing (5560 Morris St, Hfx. NS). The current bid as of August 27th is $380.

There are also a few remaining smaller pices remaining from my yard sale and launch for sale. Four days and counting!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

So, I'm unemployed. Gulp.

So, I'm unemployed. Gulp.

I left work tonight as usual, came home, opened a beer and put on a documentary. (BBC's Punk Britannia, which I recommend by the way.) Nothing out of the usual here. Until it occurs to me, I mean REALLY occurs to me, that I'm now officially unemployed.  Deep breath and small anxiety attack. I'll admit I welled up and had to breathe through it. I think it was easy to go through the motions until I arrived at the destination. Then wham! I've reached my goal and it's ridiculously hard to process. I'm now a 37 year old, single girl, living in a van with no job. What a catch hey?!

Leaving my job was not an easy thing to do. I had been there for just shy of 9 years and genuinely like the people I worked with. I was lucky to have an amazing boss who put a lot of faith in me and fully supported my artistic pursuits. I don't think I've processed that I'm not going back in two days, or a week. Giving  notice to my landlord was the first lump in my throat. This is definitely the second but it's bigger.

I am very fortunate to have so much support for my decision. People are unbelievably amazing and I am overwhelmed by their kindness and encouraging words. My last evening at work was filled with random visits from friends and warm words and gifts from customers. I feel like no matter what the outcome is people have my back and knowing I have that net is a wonderful comfort.

See you at the Gettin Outa Dodge Yard sale.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gettin Outa Dodge Yard Sale

This is it!! The final sale of the items I can't store or take with me. It has been a long, and sometimes emotional process parting with certain things. But, in the end it IS just stuff and the memories will be with me whether I have said item or not.

I'm also interested in bartering (obviously) so feel free to bring old camping gear or anything else you think would be useful to a new van dweller. I've recently made some new postcards, buttons and photo transfers on metal which will be on display. I invite both trades and donations for these. For a list of things I am looking for go here and look to the left just under my current auction item, Route 66 Motel.

If you already have enough crap of your own and my art doesn't turn your crank you can still use this chance to come say bye to me!

Looking forward to the final purge.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letting go of convenience

As the time to leave gets closer and closer the reality of my decision is setting in. From the moment I hit the road in my van I am surrendering the comforts and convenience of the life I have now. I live a pretty modest life but even in that I know I'm privileged. Clean clothes, a hot shower, and even electricity are all luxuries I take for granted. Not to mention the fact that I can just push a button and my personal waste just 'goes away'. Now I will have to deal with my Campa Potti and all of the joys THAT holds.

Simple things like doing laundry will become more of an event and I will have to think creatively. I know I can go to a laundry mat but I'm looking to save every penny. Thanks to the Internet I can just Google my quandary.  I found this video on how to wash your clothes while driving. Seems like a good idea.

Cooking will be different too. Especially since I can't stand up in my van! I do have a small propane stove with one burner and will probably buy a little BBQ. Alternatively, I could try to cook my food on the van's engine like in this instructional video. Sounds ridiculous but it looks like it works pretty well.

Hot showers? I was told once that many gyms give out free trials. So I could have a shower AND a  workout! There's also truck stops, beach showers, lakes, state parks or campgrounds and birdbaths in public washrooms.  I invested a couple of bucks in a solar shower which is basically a black bladder with a hose coming out of it. You fill it with water and leave it in the sun for a couple of hours. We'll see how that goes....

The biggest question of all for me is where am I going to park night after night? I have lived in my tiny apartment for the last 2 years and oddly enough it's always been in the same place. I just go home to it and it's there! When I'm traveling my van will be my home and will be located wherever I take it. I've done a fair amount of research on this topic too. (I don't make many life-changing decisions in my older age without researching it to death). I found websites like which lists free places to camp in the United States and Canada. I like this website because you can browse campsites by state and even add a site.

Although I'm hoping to stay away from towns when I sleep, there's also Walmart parking lots, church parking lots, and even the residential streets of the suburbs if I have to find a place in a pinch. My hope is to always sleep under the stars, quietly tucked away form the lights of civilization.