Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missed & Gained Opportunities.

I can't tell you how many times I've opened my blog and watched the cursor blinking impatiently, head empty, intending to type something...anything. I wish I had of sooner. About two weeks ago, since returning to Atlantic Newsstand as a second job, I spoke with a customer who asked if I had bought a towing vehicle yet. He checks out my blog every now and again and I hadn't made an update in over a month he said. I told him I had finally purchased a Ford Escape after months and months of searching. His reply, "Ok good, well I have the same vehicle and I was going to offer to trade you for some of your artwork". Whaaaat?!! What an amazing and incredibly flattering offer!! I missed out on this opportunity but as one door closes more open, as they say.

Around the same time the owner of Argyle Fine Art, where I am represented, introduced me to Timeraiser and suggested I enter some work to the jury. If you aren't familiar with Timeraiser, as I wasn't, it is a "volunteer matching fair, a silent art auction, and a night out on the town. The big Timeraiser twist is rather than bidding money on artwork, participants bid volunteer hours". My work was accepted and I am extremely excited to be part of this. I have been thinking for a long time about how I can give back while still pursuing my art. This is an interesting event because their goal is to raise volunteer hours while supporting artists by purchasing the pieces directly from them. Take a minute to watch their video explaining how it all works.... then go buy a ticket for $10 and attend the event at 1055 Marginal Road on the evening of October 10th.

I am also excited to be part of another Halifax event, East Coast Living's Dine by Design. This is what East Coast Living has to say about it; ” a dazzling event showcasing design luminaries and culinary giants from Halifax in a spectacular feast for the senses." Each designer is given a 10x10 foot space to create a dining room and the chef they are paired with will create a menu inspired by the room. Where do I fit in this? Argyle Fine Art has a space in the upstairs of the Olympic Centre where they can showcase some work. Once again, I was asked if I would like to take part and display my Roadside America images, created for an exhibition this past April. Of course I jumped at the chance to reach a new audience. As it happens, three out of the four pieces left from that show sold in the last week so I got down to work and finished three new pieces I had been slowly working on. Here's a sneak peak at one.
So, all in all, I have been keeping very busy. Every waking minute not working for someone else is spent either renovating the Boler or making art. Can't complain. I will post next the progress with the trailer. You won't believe how different it looks now that it's been painted and mostly put back together...I can hardly believe it myself!


  1. Glad to see you on the interwebs again, dearie! Though I know when you're not here it means you're doing awesome stuff, so we know we don't have to worry about you.
    Question for those of us not in your geo area - where can we obtain a piece of your artwork? I can't help but think something by you would fit in at the Hacienda!

    1. Well, I'm flattered you ask! I know my gallery has mailed out many of my pieces to places in Canada and the USA. There's not a lot left there presently but I am gearing up to get some more work done, now that the trailer is just about sealed up for the winter. I'll keep you informed when new work is done. Oh, and good luck with your potential web series...looked great!

  2. Glad to hear that you found something to pull your trailer with. I was able to get my trailer to Maine and happen to have found an apartment where it is in my yard. It will stay in the yard because I also don't have a tow vehicle. It is winter anyway and I wouldn't want to travel with it now anyway. So, I will save till spring and then we will see what will happen then. I look forward to seeing photos of your redo as well!