Monday, August 20, 2012

Gettin Outa Dodge Yard Sale

This is it!! The final sale of the items I can't store or take with me. It has been a long, and sometimes emotional process parting with certain things. But, in the end it IS just stuff and the memories will be with me whether I have said item or not.

I'm also interested in bartering (obviously) so feel free to bring old camping gear or anything else you think would be useful to a new van dweller. I've recently made some new postcards, buttons and photo transfers on metal which will be on display. I invite both trades and donations for these. For a list of things I am looking for go here and look to the left just under my current auction item, Route 66 Motel.

If you already have enough crap of your own and my art doesn't turn your crank you can still use this chance to come say bye to me!

Looking forward to the final purge.

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