Friday, August 24, 2012

So, I'm unemployed. Gulp.

So, I'm unemployed. Gulp.

I left work tonight as usual, came home, opened a beer and put on a documentary. (BBC's Punk Britannia, which I recommend by the way.) Nothing out of the usual here. Until it occurs to me, I mean REALLY occurs to me, that I'm now officially unemployed.  Deep breath and small anxiety attack. I'll admit I welled up and had to breathe through it. I think it was easy to go through the motions until I arrived at the destination. Then wham! I've reached my goal and it's ridiculously hard to process. I'm now a 37 year old, single girl, living in a van with no job. What a catch hey?!

Leaving my job was not an easy thing to do. I had been there for just shy of 9 years and genuinely like the people I worked with. I was lucky to have an amazing boss who put a lot of faith in me and fully supported my artistic pursuits. I don't think I've processed that I'm not going back in two days, or a week. Giving  notice to my landlord was the first lump in my throat. This is definitely the second but it's bigger.

I am very fortunate to have so much support for my decision. People are unbelievably amazing and I am overwhelmed by their kindness and encouraging words. My last evening at work was filled with random visits from friends and warm words and gifts from customers. I feel like no matter what the outcome is people have my back and knowing I have that net is a wonderful comfort.

See you at the Gettin Outa Dodge Yard sale.


  1. Hi. My name is Kip & my partner's name is Robert. A couple weeks ago we finished up a road trip of the Canadian Maritimes. On our walking tour of Halifax we stumbled upon the Argyle gallery, where we saw your Stay in a Wigwam piece. We loved it, especially because when we did our Southwest road trip a few years ago, we actually stayed in one of those wigwams. We didn't buy the piece at the time but a week after we got back to New York City, we thought about it again and decided to call The gallery and see if it was still available. It now hangs in our living room! When we went to the Argyle web site we noticed another piece of yours that looked very familiar. We went to our computer and pulled up our photos from Holbrook, and sure enough we had taken a picture of the Pow Wow sign as well. We just called up the Argyle gallery again and bought that one as well. We are excited about seeing the two works side by side once the second one arrives. Just thought you'd like to know. Best of luck on your upcoming adventure. We hope you find lots more down there to inspire you and we look forward to seeing the creative results of your journey. Best wishes, Kip Baranoff and Robert Auberger.

  2. Hi!!
    I'm so ecited those pieces are going to a home where they mean something to the owners. I love that you stayed in the Wig Wam Motel and actually took a photo of the Pow Wow sign. I almost went off the road when I saw that one! I too stayed in the Wig Wam when I was there. It was the only place I pre-booked so I was sure to have a wig wam. I loved that the trains going by pretty much shook my bed! That place has such great kitchy charm.

    I am very greatful for your support and the support of so many others who have given me kind words of encouragement. Your purchases are going directly to helping me continue my journey!
    Take care and feel free to drop a line any time.