Monday, May 20, 2013

More renos. Sanding comes next.

It seems I do nothing these days but work on the Boler, which consequently I am perfectly happy doing. The “problem” is I hadn’t intended on being in Nova Scotia for this long before heading back out on the road. I put the word problem in quotations because I can hardly complain about my situation. I have the luxury of living with friends, paying low rent and working for my sister while keeping my trailer in their backyard to pick away at whenever I want. I didn’t, however, plan on investing all the money I made from my last exhibit on my new home without having a car to tow it or money to travel with…but all in good time. There’s no way I can complain about any of this. Instead I just keep moving forward towards my goal.

The question now is when do I stop ripping it apart?  These trailers can be stripped down to nothing and then rebuilt again. The more I take out the more I want to take out. One thing leads to another and then another….and so on. I have to say, I am enjoying feeling like a handyman, even though things are usually much harder than they first appear to be. There’s barely a screw or rivet that comes out without a fight. Most need to be drilled, ground or pounded out to be removed, but I guess that’s what happens when you buy a trailer that’s as old as you are! Here are some photos of the progress:
side vents side vents removed
furnace pipe
Old propane furnace pipe
furnace pipe removed
cupboard and vents
Pre clean-up and vent removal
cupboard and vents done
Post clean-up
boler logo removed
boler logo
Even the Boler sign has layers of paint on it.
removing lockstrip
Removing the lock strip to get the window out
removing plexi window
Removing the plexi window
roof vent
Roof vent mess.
roof vent out
Roof vent removed
AND CURTAINS!!! (because I'm nowhere near ready to put curtains up)


  1. Wow! You ended up buying one! It is more work than you first realize, right? At some point though you can start to look at it and see all of the work that you have put into it and feel proud. I am currently trying to make mine road worthy and get it to Maine! If I can get it there, we should have a meet up with the trailers and do some painting!

  2. I did and I'm so excited about it! I'm completely stealing your idea of putting a fake fridge door on too!! It's definitely more work than I thought but I'm really enjoying it....most of it anyways. Yes, we should meet up for sure. I don't think I'll be able to leave before the spring next year so lots of time for you to get your beauty to Maine. Good Luck!!