Monday, May 27, 2013

Ode to a Van

The time has come to sell the van and buy a car to tow the Boler.  Every morning when I get in my van to go to work the smell brings me right back to living on the road.  It was my home and transportation for six months and although it served it’s purpose well I didn’t intend for it to be my regular, everyday vehicle for driving. A car will get much better mileage while working and saving to get back out there.

Through rain, dust storms and getting stuck in both gravel and sand, it never broke down or busted a tire. It pulled itself up mountains and stayed smooth on endless stretches of highway from Nova Scotia to California with barely a complaint. As you can imagine, I love my van, and former home, and hate to see it go. Because of that I rounded up all the photos I took of the Barter Van while on our journey and am posting an ode to her. May she find a loving home and more adventures in her future.
spencer missouri
Spencer, Missouri
Ozarkland, Missouri
steak n shake
Steak n Shake, Indiana
palo duro
Palo Duro, New Mexico
lucky discount
Unsure of location.
Texola, Texas
New Mexico grave
Graveyard somewhere in NM
painted desert 1
Painted Desert, Arizona
painted desert 2
sunset crater
Sunset Crater, Arizona
Sky city dinner
Outside Sky City, New Mexico
desert inn Holbrook
Holbrook, Arizona
houma louisiana
Houma, Louisiana
stuck in sand
Imperial Sand Dunes, California
monument lake copy
Everglades, Florida
Zion National Park, Utah.


  1. My two favourite are the Imperial Sand Dunes and the Outside Sky City. Can you choose a favourite?

    1. Of course you can! They all have memories for me so they're ALL my favorite.

  2. Holbrook, Arizona and Outside Sky City wold be my favourite.

  3. The first photo on the right,"Lasso" is in Tucumcari NM. First photo on the left "Spencer"....I parked in the exact same spot. lol