Sunday, October 21, 2012

Greetings from Utah

Just a short little post since my battery is dying and I'm without power. I have been camping just outside Zion in Utah for the past couple of nights. I stumbled upon some BLM land (public land, free to camp on). It's like a little hobo village with all sorts of individuals camping there and I was lucky to meet some wonderful people. I was invited over to my neighbors camper last night for dinner and wine. Pauline and Phillip are two people I find very inspiring. They seem to live life to the fullest and Pauline's energy and attitude is magnetic. She did an amazing bike trip from the Dead Sea to the top of Everest (obviously hiking up, not biking). Her book, The World's Longest Climb, is not only an account of the journey but a commentary on the kindness of people even in the places we are taught to believe are dangerous.  She is also a motivational speaker and talks a lot about overcoming fear of failure and pursuing your dreams. Inspirational woman! If you buy her book, 50% of the sales go to charity. I've seen it, it's a great book.

Yesterday was one of my favorite days so far. I did the narrows hike through the river. It was absolutely stunning. The only complaint I have is there were too many people making it hard to have any kind of solitude to just sit and listen. It also made taking photos without people in them difficult but in the end having figures in the shot show just how huge the surrounding walls are. I rented the full river walking gear which included neoprene socks, hiking shoes and a dry suit. The second I stepped in the water my feet were wet. I thought the shoes were made for keeping your feet dry but it turns out they are to keep your feet warm, which they did for the most part. I really dislike the feeling of having wet feet inside shoes but I certainly didn't let it ruin the walk. Half way through I noticed a fair amount of people doing it in bare feet or with sneakers and shorts on. I felt like a tourist asshole. Obviously I didn't need to spend the $30.00 on all that gear and in the end would have really enjoyed being barefoot as it's my favorite way. I like being able to feel what's under foot. I don't think the photos will do it justice but here are a few anyways.

Not sure where we're headed today but I'm sure it will be another wonderful adventure!


  1. Angela, is this still the Grand Canyon, or a different area altogether?

  2. Judy, It's in Zion National Park in Utah.

  3. I think I like it there better than the Grand Canyon.