Monday, October 8, 2012

Degrees of luxury.

While traveling in a van I can give myself varying degrees of luxury for the night. The bottom of the totem would be staying at Walmart or a truck stop like Denny's/gas station. The noise and lights make for a night of interrupted sleep but I know I'm safe there at the very least. I have no power and it seems pretty ridiculous to set up my table and bbq in the parking lot so all we can do is hunker down inside and read.

Next would be paying for a campground. I have paid very little, from $10-$19 for a spot without power but with Internet access. The benefits of that are there is usually a shower, bathrooms and often laundry. Obviously it's normal to set up and make supper there and it gives little Okie some space to roam. Higher on the list would be paying full price and having a power hook-up. This is a luxury because it means I can charge my laptop and plug in my fridge and lights. Normally I buy a bag of ice a day to keep my fridge acting like an ice box.

Of course at the top would be checking into a motel but that is often beyond my budget and now that I have Okie it isn't that much of an option. Twice, before the little one came along, I stayed in a motel and it was like heaven. To lay on a bed and watch tv in a place I can stand up and move around in is a real luxury. But that's not what this trip is about so I guess it's ok that I can't do that much anymore.

On the topic of Okie, I worry I am traumatizing her with her new life. There is so much stopping and going, in and out of the van, sleeping in noisy places etc, I wonder if it's hard on her nerves or if it's something she'll get used to eventually. I hope I am giving her a better life than what she had otherwise I haven't helped her at all. She knows now when we are going to drive. If I sit in the drivers seat she is there by my side waiting to be picked up. When I open the side door to go out she waits to be lifted out. I think she's getting the hang of things but her shaking makes me think she isn't relaxed. Is it true chihuahuas just shake anyway? It makes me feel bad.

We arrived in Sante Fe at dusk last night so we are headed out today to explore. It will be a leisurely day and we have been offered a place to park for the night so we can just relax and enjoy ourselves.


  1. She's afraid of hawks. (à la Trent) LOL

  2. Hi Angela: I cant believe you saw the Blue Swallow. If we could talk I would tell you of my two unusual visits to Tucumcari. The second time, just a few years ago, I spent a night at the Blue Swallow. It was a delight. Vaya con Dios.

  3. I almost splurged and paid for a room there because it looks so great. So glad it's being taken care of, unlike so many others.

  4. Hi sis, yes it is true that chihuahuas shake all the time. Don't feel bad for her, it will make her feel bad too but she won't know why she feels bad. If you baby the shaking she will take to shaking all the time and be neurotic. Love ya and glad she is doing well. Lots of truckers travel with little dogs, they love the life.