Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Okie and I adjust to our new life.

So, it's been a couple of days. What's been going on you ask?

On the 1st, the day after Okie joined me, we had a frustrating day crossing Oklahoma while trying to stay on Route 66. A great portion of the way the old road runs parallel to its I-40 Interstate replacement but the old road has a slower, more relaxed speed limit. I would end up on the I-40 and there the road would appear, following right along side, taunting me with its crawling pace and empty pavement. So few cars use this stretch of road I would have it to myself the majority of the time...if I could just stay on it. Getting lost did help me stumble upon a few signs and items of interest, like a relic train from the Rock Island Line Johnny Cash sang about.

Yesterday, Oct. 2, we made it into Texas and the landscape changed almost immediately. Now I'm in the environment that excites and inspires me the most. I don't know what it is about deserts, canyons and the endless big blue skies....Or maybe that's exactly what it is. It's so foreign to what I grew up looking at. I mean, just look at how photogenic this place is!

We drove most of the day but this time we had the Mother Road under us. When the sun began to set  I found a park outside Amarillo and we made supper. Bed time was spent in an RV park with showers, laundry and power. What a treat! The morning was filled with chores and playing "who can run the fastest". Then it was off to Palo-Duro Canyons.  Okie does very well walking with me most of the time and stays with me off-leash. She's learning quickly about where she sits when we drive (on my lap) and where she sleeps (with me of course). She recognizes the van and waits for me to pick her up into it. She's adjusting quickly and I'm thrilled.

Tonight we'll sleep in the canyon and start fresh tomorrow. It's cheaper than the park we stayed in last night, right by a highway, and MUCH prettier. The woman at the entrance told me if I'm in after 6 and out early we can stay for free. What a doll!! Then it's off to see Cadillac Ranch tomorrow.


  1. Angela you must must must visit The Grand Canyon. Not so much the West side (skywalk),the South Rim is amazing, and much cheaper for those on a budget. Thanks for writing about your journey.

  2. We will for sure. I did see it last May but I felt hurried and want to go back. I'm hoping to do a hike this time. Thanks.