Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good morning from Maine

I made it!
It was a bit hairy getting across the border but I managed to get through. They thought I was planning on entering the states and not coming back. They were very nice to me but when they started going through my day planner and saw I had checked out of my apartment and don't have a job they became suspicious. I guess with good reason.  Once I explained the whole truth about my intentions, and almost cried, I think they had pity on me. They kept expressing that they are only doing their job and they don't actually like to turn people away. In the end, humans are humans and they responded to my sincerity. I didn't lie once to them.

So, here I am in MacDonalds, of all places, using their wifi and trying to plan my next move. I promise to have photos soon. I will get myself organized and my postings will become a bit more routine. Just thought I would let ya'll know I made it through and am on my way to discover what I can see.
Till next time.


  1. Whew! After all the work you put into planning, it must have been so upsetting! But all's well that ends on to better things!

  2. Did I mention the border control of the US the worst in the world.

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  4. We promise to promote your blog through Fowl Feathered Review (first one out Jan '13). In the meantime, hope you use the trick of staying at Wal-mart parking lots for free lodging, bathroom. They have no problem with it.