Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Face hits pavement.

Unfortunately, my journey has just hit an abrupt stop. My computer had a virus yesterday so I took it to a computer guy. Ended up having a beer with him and his friends at their place. I got up to use the toilet and must have fainted...HARD! I have never had that happen before but I ended up in the hospital, cat scans and everything else were fine. I broke my nose and have a concussion. I am now being taken great care of by Paul (the computer guy) and am going to stay off the road for a few days. I'm not awake for long periods of time but there's nothing to worry about. I am feeling better all the time. I have great adventures to blog about but you'll have to say tuned.......


  1. Sure hope you're feeling better soon, Angela, but concussions are nothing to fool around with. You will have to rest for a long time; don't try to hit the road too soon. Stay put until you are really recovered and it may take some time.

    Sending healing thoughts your way!

  2. Hi, I'm just throwin' this out there, are you sure someone didn't slip a roofie? Please take care of your personal safety. I would not be drinking with people I did not know.
    Just concerned.


    1. Thanks for your concern but I actually opened the beer myself. This has been brought up to me many times by people who care about me and I appreciate it but I know for a fact that's not it. Low blood-sugar is what the doctors said. I have to get used to my new lifestyle and make sure I eat properly. Thanks again Kevin for the concern.