Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unprepared and out of shape in New Hampshire

*(note. My photoshop has stopped working...please don't judge the quality of theses photos. UGH!)

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to go for a hike. You know, get out of the van, get some exercise and be in the nature. I chose a trail in Crawford Notch based on the description of the waterfall there. The trail was called Frankenstein Cliff Trail but apparently I was the only one who was expecting to see a dark and looming cliff in the shape of Frankenstein's head. After hiking straight up for what seemed like days I came to a outlook which was truly breathtaking (but no Frankenstein). I could see all the surrounding mountains and my van was a small white rectangle in the parking lot below. I felt like I accomplished something as I rested at the top of the climb.

I set off to finish the loop back anxiously anticipating the waterfall which was described to me by passers by as 'spectacular'. Every hiker I passed said the next point of interest was 20 minutes away. It would seem that no matter where you were everything was 20 minutes down the path. I adopted this answer when fellow hikers asked about something I had passed. The truth is I had no idea how long I had been walking or how far back things were. The waterfall was short of spectacular but I sat and watched it anyway.

On the way back down I started to wonder if some backwoods murderer/cannibal also had a can of blue spray paint and was marking the trees for a new trail leading to their cabin of death. The path became almost unnavigable and I got slightly lost a couple of times. I must have destroyed hundreds of spiders homes with my face. Finally, out of the woods, I found myself in a parking lot but not the one I parked in. Luckily it was just down the road a ways.

I was an ill prepared city girl wearing jeans and converse with one small bottle of water and an apple. I was tired, hungry and thirsty by the time I was done and felt quite naive about the whole thing. I'll be more prepared for the next hike.

Today my body aches, but it's the good kind of ache where you know you've earned it. I gained a new layer of sweat and dirt on top of my already gross body and this morning the first thing I did was look for a shower. It's the best $2 I've ever spent. I am reminded in the short period of time I've been on the road how pampered we really are. No one thinks about how lucky they are when they stumble into the shower half asleep in the morning and turn on their hot water. Or how in the flick of a switch they have light and power is always available to them. We take these things for granted. Whenever this journey is over I'm sure I will look at these luxuries with more appreciation.


  1. You were spotted in Plymouth, NH this afternoon. Always willing to support the barter system. If you get this before 5pm or are still in the area Tuesday, stop into a-bit computer @ 58b Main Street. I've got trading fodder.

  2. Ah, phooey! I am already heading south to Mass. Too bad I missed you but happy to know people are looking into my blog. Would love to have traded something. Pass the word along if there's anyone I should visit in Mass. (or anywhere else for that matter) please let me know. Cheers!

  3. Looks like you stayed far away from Obama and Co. :0) Beautiful beautiful shots! xoxoxox

  4. Great pictures, Angela!

  5. Poolegirl and PooleboySeptember 9, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Hiking always sounds so romantic, but never fails to end up being sweaty and leg cramping!! From one out of shape hiker to another, get yourself a mini air horn, easy to carry and will scare off any deep woods lunatics or animals that might find you interesting. Trail mix and water and you are good to go. Love and kisses from home.